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Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

LB Electrical Contractors staff have been providing quality electrical installation and services to commercial, residential, and industrial clients for over 30 years. We offer a full range of services from the design and installation of electrical systems to the maintenance and repair of existing systems.

Our team of qualified and experienced electricians provide professional workmanship and a commitment to customer satisfaction, with our expertise and knowledge, you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands.

At LB Electrical Contractors LTD, we specialize in solar PV installation that provides the most cost effective and renewable energy for our customers. We are committed to helping people reduce their environmental footprint and save money on energy bills.

We offer a full range of services, from the design and installation of photovoltaic systems to the maintenance and repair of existing systems. Our team of experienced engineers are highly trained and qualified to ensure that your solar PV system is installed to the highest standards.

LB Electrical Contractors LTD is your go-to source for all your energy storage needs. We specialise in battery storage systems that capture the solar energy, alternatively allowing you to charge from the grid on cheaper electricity rates (overnight) to be used at a later time and reduce your overall energy bills.


We use only the most advanced technology to ensure that your energy storage system is both reliable and safe. Our experienced team of electricians are trained to provide you with the highest quality of service, ensuring that your system is tailored to your needs.

At LB Electrical Contractors LTD, we are proud to provide our customers with the highest quality EV chargers. We understand that the transition to electric vehicles is continuing to grow and we are here to ensure you have the best options to choose from.


Our chargers are compatible whether you need it for residential or multiple outlets options for commercial purposes. We have installed from Domestic to rapid chargers throughout the UK. We are dedicated to providing the most reliable and cost-effective EV chargers on the market

At LB Electrical Contractors LTD, we have dedicated in-house roofing and scaffolding department to complement our Solar installations. Our experienced team of roofers are trained to handle any type of roofing project, from small repairs to complete installations.

We understand that roofing can be a big investment and go above and beyond to ensure that your roofing system is properly installed and maintained. With us, you can be sure that your roof will be secure and long-lasting.

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